Closing for In-Person Worship

We had hoped that the spread of COVID-19 in San Antonio would remain within a range where we felt like it was safe to continue hosting in-person worship. However, once the City of San Antonio raised the overall Risk Level on its dashboard to “Severe” (see, our Session felt it necessary to return to an “online only” approach to worship.

The campus will remain closed for in-person worship until further notice. We will begin evaluating the time to reopen again on a weekly basis beginning the week of January 11 and open again at some point after the Risk Level has been lowered to at least “Moderate.” While we wait for that time, please join us each week for worship online!

The session will be considering new and old ways to help us connect during this time when we are being urged to practice physical distancing. If you have any ideas you’d like us to consider, please reach out to let us know!


Pastor Dan