“We are hosting an Inquirers’ Class.  The class will look at questions such as: Who is Jesus? How do we read the Bible? Why does life with Christ call us into community? How am I called to use my gifts for God? What are some of the ministries of Covenant and how can I get involved?

The class is a great opportunity for newcomers to learn how we strive to grow in faith at Covenant Presbyterian.  The class will run for five weeks. At its conclusion, those interested in joining our church can meet with the session and be received into the life and ministry of our congregation. However, there is no pressure to join the church at the end of the class.

Each of the classes of the Newcomer Class will be offered on Sundays during Sunday School (from 9:15 – 10:05 a.m.) this April 25 through May 9.”

Please find attached our outline and notes from the first two classes.

Class 1–New Testament Overview–The Gospels & Jesus’ Life

Class 2–The Bible

Join the Zoom Class: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/73880710689?pwd=dGcyMVdUVmt3ZG95c2JOWDR6REtEZz09

Meeting ID: 738 8071 0689     Passcode: 090272