Covenant has a long and rich history in caring for the community beyond our congregation in San Antonio and around the world. When the Rev. Dr. Duncan Stewart (also a recently retired Lt. Col., having served as an Army chaplain) became our pastor in 1979, the congregation was struggling. He challenged us to look beyond our own needs to a world we were called to serve. As our attention turned outward, we also began to grow in number and vitality.

Now, almost 45 years later, Covenant remains vitally engaged in serving Greater San Antonio and the world far beyond. On the “Mission Partners” tab, you’ll see 15 of the ministries we partner with to reach out with the love of Christ in San Antonio and far beyond. On the “Campus Partners” tab, you’ll see 11 ministries and organizations that we have invited to be campus partners with us. Both through reaching out beyond our campus and through using our campus to host and support other groups caring for folks in our community, Covenant continues its commitment to sharing the love of Christ with others.