While the COVID-19 pandemic has forced physical distancing upon us, Covenant has pivoted to Bible Studies and Sunday School classes via ZOOM. We welcome you to join one of these great studies whether you are a current member, former member or visitor of Covenant, or simply someone interested in engaging with others in learning from God’s word.

Adult Bible Studies: Covenant offers many different opportunities to gather via Zoom for Weekly Bible Study. Beginning the week of February 14th, we start our "Lenten Study: Learning Forgiveness".

NEW Adult Sunday School Class Starting February 21st: While many of us naturally wish to avoid the reality of the cross, it’s from the cross that Jesus speaks and shows his deepest love for us. It’s from the cross that Jesus’ full humanity draws us closest to him. It’s from the cross, as Jesus breathes his last breath and speaks his last words, that his deep trust in the Father and his divine glory are revealed. Those who listen to Jesus’ last words from the cross will discover what he most wants them (the world) to hear and will experience intimate and divine awe only available to those who are willing to draw near his cross.

Our Lenten Adult Sunday School Study is based on the study, "Seven Words: Listening to Christ From the Cross" by Susan Robb. The six-session study looks at the seven last words of Christ on the cross through a lens that finds life and hope in his final sayings, while exploring each from a biblical and historical perspective.

Children’s Sunday School: Our Children's Class will focus on the ministry of Jesus. We’ll witness Jesus’ compassion for others—especially children. We’ll also learn what Jesus considers is the greatest commandment of all the laws. Finally, we’ll see how Jesus accepts an act of kindness done for him, and how he encourages us to do acts of kindness for others. We hope your child will join us on Sunday mornings!