Adult Bible Studies: Covenant offers many different opportunities to gather via Zoom for Weekly Bible Study. Beginning in June, we begin to take a look at various aspects of Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts, and Spiritual Disciplines. Each of our Weekly Bible Study groups are open—meaning anyone can join at any time. (Please note that we do offer one Men’s Bible Study, and one Young Adult Bible Study. All other groups are open to adult men and women of all ages.)

NEW Adult Sunday School Class Starting June 6th: Navigating the ever-changing experiences of being an adult can be filled with challenges. Covenant's Beautiful Minds Coalition will be taking a look at some of those challenges this summer in the NEW SERIES: Adulting Revealed: Navigating the Evolving Challenges of Being an Adult. Adult men and women are welcome!

Children’s Sunday School: Our Children’s Class will focus on how the Holy Spirit guided the ministry of the earliest disciples. During the summer, we’ll begin begin by looking at those who were closest to him, those who had walked and talked with him on a daily basis--and how they took their call to spread the gospel to whoever they met. We hope your child will join us on Sunday mornings!