Begins the Week of September 10th

Be part of something more. We are hungry for a sense of purpose, direction, and calling in our lives. That’s as basic an ingredient to the human experience as they come. We want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to participate in something that has eternal merit and lasting impact. We do not want to live a shallow, hollow existence. We yearn for deeper meaning, for deeper purpose within our lives. We want to be more than we are. In On Purpose: Finding God’s Voice in Your Passion, authors Magrey deVega, Sam McGlothlin, Jevon Caldwell-Gross, and Susan Robb help us see God’s purpose for our lives, how to open ourselves to God’s voice, and how to take the first or next step to follow God’s call.

Session 1: Overcoming Obstacles: Getting Ourselves Aligned with God
Session 2: Raising Awareness: Practical Steps for Hearing God’s Voice
Session 3: Channeling Our Passions: Discovering Our Gifts and Making a Difference
Session 4: Journeying Together: Joining with Others for Lasting Impact

Covenant has several small groups meeting this fall in a variety of settings. Each group will determine the dates in which they will meet in September & October. For more information about when a particular group meets, please connect with Martha Hernandez

Tuesday evening (7:00 p.m.)—Pastor Dan Milford:

This group meets at member houses on a rotating basis. For more information, please contact Dan Milford at the church 210-342-5253.

Wednesday morning (10:00 a.m.)—Demarius Douthit:

This group is hybrid. Some of the ladies meet at church in the Samaritan Room and others join via Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 858 9925 4084
Passcode: 222445

Thursday evening (7:00 p.m.)—Sharon Fowler:

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 811 1912 8856
Passcode: 645935

Men’s Saturday Morning Bible Study (7:00 a.m.)— Jay Pitcher:

This group is hybrid. Some of the members gather in the Emmaus Room at church and others join via Zoom.
7:00 – 7:30am – Fellowship
7:30 – 8:30am – Bible Study

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 880 4315 3155, Passcode: 095022