In January of 2016, our session engaged in a visioning process that culminated in a commitment to strive to become a community that is adept at caring for people living with mental health issues, envisioning this becoming our primary missional identity.

A group of seven wise, courageous, and inspired women stepped up to lead Covenant into making mental health an open and normal topic of discussion. They took on the name “The Beautiful Minds Coalition” and began helping members learn the importance of self-care for all people. They’ve taught ways to interact with and care for those experiencing mental health conditions. They’ve used Facebook, Moments for Mental Health in worship, articles in our newsletter, and other methods for communicating with our congregation and beyond.

During the last four years, the Beautiful Minds Coalition has led or participated in the following activities and events click here.

One result of this vibrant ministry is that dozens of members and visitors have begun talking with the pastor and close to a dozen have spoken openly in the congregation about the mental health challenges they face as individuals or in their families.