Our 9:00AM Children’s Sunday School class features the curriculum, “Growing in Grace & Gratitude”, which helps transform the lives of children and those who love them, shaped by grace and gratitude. Each session shares a Bible story that reveals God’s grace for us. Through fun, age-appropriate activities, and prayer, children will celebrate the meaning of this grace in their lives as they encounter a living God.

Living as God’s people isn’t always easy, but we have stories in the Bible of people who have tried their best to follow God’s ways. As God’s people, we can also look to these stories as examples, learn from them, and try our best to be faithful children of God. We’ll look at the stories of Noah; Abram & Sarai; Jacob & Esau; Moses; Miriam; Ruth, Naomi & Boaz; David; Abigail, Elisha; and Micah & Isaiah.

We hope your child will join us on Sunday mornings this fall as we explore people from the Old Testament, our ancestors in the faith, as they exhibit characteristics of faithful living.


For the Zoom link and password, please contact chad@covenantcares.org .