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Wellness Champions Needed

The Beautiful Minds Coalition is looking for Wellness Champions as part of Bridges to Care San Antonio!

Bridges to Care San Antonio (BTCSA) began October 1, 2020, as an endeavor to train congregations to be companions to those with mental health issues. The congregations work in cohorts of geographic proximity so they may together make a difference in their neighborhoods and congregations in the area of mental health. Often those individuals or families suffering with mental health issues walk alone – not so anymore.

BTCSA is the brainchild of NAMI – San Antonio (National Alliance on Mental Illness), the City of San Antonio (COSA), and the Pathways to Hope Conference. It is funded by NAMI, COSA, WestCare Foundation, and private donations. The training is provided free of charge, and each congregation is invited to choose up to 10 Wellness Champions (trainees) who will take 5 modules of free training equal to 20 hours of work. After completion of training, that congregation will be known as a “Behavioral Health Friendly Congregation,” meaning it is a congregation that welcomes those with mental health concerns.

The Wellness Champion agrees to:
• Attend at least 20 hours of training (listed below) provided by Bridges to Care San Antonio starting in October 2021.
• Attend cohort meetings.
• Carry out the mission and vision of their congregation’s mission and vision for mental and behavioral health and wellness.
• Lead their congregation in becoming a Mental and Behavioral Health Friendly Congregation.

The 5 Core Training Modules that the Wellness Champion needs to complete are:
1. Building a Behavioral Health Program for Spiritual & Faith Communities w/ usage [3 hours]
2. Companionship Training [4 hours]
3. Mental Health First Aid [6.5 hours +2 hours precourse work]
4. Becoming a Trauma-Informed Organization [1.5 hours]
5. Suicide Prevention [2 hours]

Are you interested in becoming a Wellness Champion? Do you have questions? Please reach out to the Beautiful Minds by emailing our office: or speaking to a member of Covenant’s Beautiful Minds Coalition.

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